Find the best SEO company for your needs

In order to be featured on Find the Best SEO Company the digital marketing firm must meet several important criteria that displays their experience and competence in digital marketing. Basically they have to eat sleep and drink digital marketing.

1st they must have been in business for a minimum of five years. While it’s possible to be decent at digital marketing when a company is new, a five year or more track record of success is an excellent way to weed out the companies that are here today and won’t be tomorrow. These companies have survived the ups and downs of Google’s ever changing algorithm and are here to stay.

2nd They must be able to show their work, We meet with each featured listing and review their work, the companies showed their link reports as well as rankings reports corresponding to the examples they show that prove they did the work.

3rd They must submit their social media programs for review; We want to see that they are making quality posts using American based SEO professionals. This ensures that your social media posts are made by someone whose first language is English and avoids embarrassing postings to your social media accounts based on language disparities.

4th They must offer an array of digital marketing options including SEO, Social Media, Landing Page Optimization, Google Adwords Certified Professionals, Interest Targeting Re-Marketing and more.

5th They must have Google partner status and have passed all of the digital marketing certificates with Google. This shows a deeper understanding of Google and its marketing programs as well as a proven track record of delivering meaningful results.